Complementary Therapies

Sports massage

Sports massageSports massage combines a range of massage techniques to help increase blood circulation to the muscles, loosening tight muscles and flushing waste products out of your system. It can be useful before a strenuous workout or to speed recovery from activity. Sports massage techniques can be tailored to the individual so it can be useful for anyone from an Olympic athlete to the normal person.


Holistic therapies

These complementary therapies can help relieve anxiety, stress, depression and sometimes insomnia. They can also give that luxury spa feel so can be a lovely treat!

  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Reflexology
  • Hot Stone

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Pilates is focused on stretching and strengthening your body to improve balance, flexibility and posture as well as build muscle strength. It’s great for recovery from injuries, but also for general wellbeing. Ask your physiotherapist or massage therapist for some Pilates exercise advice.